Be Your Own Publisher!

Have you tried to find a publisher for your great American novel or collection of poetry, only to be rejected repeatedly? Have you completed the next phenomenal non-fiction book which will revolutionize the world, but no publisher will consider you without an agent and no agent is willing to take you on as a client? Have you written a powerfully inspiring book about faith and spirituality, but you just can't get an editor or publisher to take a chance on you or even consider publishing your work? If you've answered "yes" to either of these questions, then maybe it's time to become your own publisher.

Whether you're an individual author struggling to get published or an organization with a message to put out, this package will help you create your own publishing company and teach you the basics of how to publish yourself in both print and eBook formats. Continue reading below to learn more about how you, too, can be your own publisher. If you still have questions, you may contact Michael L. White (the founder and managing editor of Parson Place Press and the composer of this content) for assistance.

  1. Order the digital Be Your Own Publisher Package below and get started right away with becoming your own publisher
  2. Attend a live seminar when and where available
  3. Take a short-cut and order only the print or eBook edition of the book A Publishing Panacea (available in print from the publisher or in eBook from and; however, you will miss out on all of the great extras contained in both the BYOP digital package and the live seminar which expand on the details presented in the book
  4. Or just continue trying to muddle through on your own

The Live Seminar vs. The Digital Package

Because this is a brand new program, the live seminar is not yet available, but plans are underway to schedule at least one or two live seminars per year as the instructor is able to arrange them. You may sign up for an email notification of upcoming seminars when this option becomes available.

When the live seminar is finally available, you will have two options, basically: you can wait and receive everything you need when you register for the live seminar of your choosing or you can order the digital pacakage immediately in order to proceed with learning and using the material. If the opportunity to attend a live seminar event presents itself later, you can deduct the price of the BYOP digital package from the seminar registration cost (providing you can show proof of purchase for the digital package). Be sure to save your payment confirmation email for proof of your purchase later.

Until the live seminar becomes an option, however, I recommend you purchase the digital package so you can begin learning the content right away. Everything contained in the digital package here will also be provided at the live seminar, except you will receive more details and hands-on demonstrations at the live seminar. Perhaps a video presentation of the seminar will be made available later, but until then, you can view the upcoming seminar schedule, browse frequently asked questions, and register for a seminar location of your choosing (when it becomes available) by using the menu at the top or bottom of this screen.

What Sorts of Things Will This Material Teach Me?

If you're interested in writing and publishing anything at all and if you desire to have complete control over the entire design and production process for your book, this course is definitely for you. You'll learn how to:

How Much Does All This Cost?

For just $37.00, you'll get:

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